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good content.

skater girlfriend who loves a big fucking pot of pasta

just my type

"workout girlfriend who treasures unnatural rock formations"

this is pure gold

'knight girlfriend that appreciates obscure references'
'textbook girlfriend who appreciates taika waititi'

i love them already



this is wonderful



plasma girlfriend who supports fishing simulators...

I love it!

damn this is so cute I love it

I love it~

I'm gonna use some of these generated ideas for some character personalities and interests =^~^=


garden girlfriend who appreciates wonderwall
I've never heard the song 'wonderwall' once in my entire life, like I can't begin to recognize it as a real song. But I do support my garden girlfriend, her gardening, and her music choices.


'ocean girlfriend who appreciates accidentally drinking paint water' oh mood


'intimidating girlfriend who praises a big fucking pot of pasta'

jhskjah this is so cute!! I love the function of pressing their interest and they say how much they like u too. it's very cute and charming <3


I love this! I got a "witchy girlfriend who really likes stealing from the rich" which sounds the BEST


Got orc girlfriend who really likes old dogs... sounds like a really heartwarming dnd character! Inspirational generator!

so u made this during a lecture...?

(1 edit)

some of it....but it was an easy class!


this is adorable omg ..

i love this!! :D

this is so pure :)

this is cuteee

The last 5 girlfriends I've generated have been very into blood...! But I love them all very much and support their strange hobbies.


I probably should've made this clearer in the description—but you can click on the very last word (the noun, usually “blood”, haha) to change what the gf is into! And thanks for the comment :^)